Managing and achieving goals

by RONAK AGARWAL on January 30, 2021

I saw my dear friend @mcruzdrake‘s last post and decided to join her on this Bloggers Club January 2021 😃

This month I’ve completed 10 years blogging, time flies! I can’t believe that I used to blog about investments and economy as well, another subject that I love.

So here I am, after 10 years. I slowed down a lot last year, I used to post every week non-stop for so many years and last year due to to other priorities I started posting monthly. This year I still have other priorities, but will plan ahead and see what is possible.

Those other priorities included some meetups, presentations, courses and I even had to deal with my boiler exploding! So I was completely drained in the end of the year.

My plan for this year is going back to post on this blog every 2 weeks, take my British citizenship, continue with my STEM Ambassador activities, continue active on the QA community, continue exercising and eating healthy and finally play drums every week again.

Here it is what I use to help me to organise myself:

Google Calendar

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This is helping me a lot, every time I receive an email or something that I need to solve but not now, I just create an event and that’s it, I don’t need to think about remembering or checking, I receive a notification as soon it is due.

I create recurrent events for example, prep meals for the week or study X or Y, so they help me to keep going. I also send emails to myself to remember about something that I need to do as soon as possible, but for that to work you need to have a clean inbox, otherwise you will end up with loads of unfinished things.

White Board

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I bought a white board to write and plan things that are a bit more complex, or just to help my mind to focus on the big picture of the next achievements. It helps when you have something to look forward to and get you excited and makes you get a bit of discipline.

The last one that is not a tool is actually an action. It changed my routine completely: Getting out of social media, not all of them of course. I am still on Twitter and Linkedin, but all of the others were just draining my time when I was bored and I found myself opening these apps out of impulse. Now I am connect